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PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 1:26 pm 
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SimplyPats 7.0.6 Revision History - May 18th 2015

This is the current list of additions and bug fixes for 7.0.5. This update was released on May18th 2015.

To Download this Update you will need to create a forum account if you don't already have one.

Click Here to create a forum account: viewforum.php?f=17

Click Here to go to the download page: viewtopic.php?f=63&t=1016


1) Added the ability to create and save multiple Export schemes on the Export CSV Screen.

2) Amended the Version 2 Report Headers so that if you had a very long email address (greater than 40 characters) then the font size was reduced slightly so that it was displayed in it's entirety.

3) Added the Test Voltage as a selectable field in the Export CSV Screen.

4) When downloading the Apollo the overall visual status was not being set unless all the separate visual questions had been answered on the machine. This has now been changed to allow the overall status to be set if the status of one or more separate visual questions are set to Pass or Fail while the remainder are set to NA We believe there may have been recent changes to the Apollo firmware which has caused this issue.

5) An overhaul of the Summary of Tests screen has been carried out to include a list of Sites and Locations and the tests in each, list of Engineers on the open file and the tests they have conducted, the individual visual questions outlined in the IET COP 4th Edition. Other changes including only listing those tests, and retest periods which are relevant and cosmetic ones to the appearance of the screen. Also added a Find button to allow you to search within the Summary of Tests information.

6) Amended the upload routine for Megger 400 series of testers. Tests Manually entered in SimplyPats are now uploaded back to the tester, however you will need to create a MANUAL test code (and test parameters) in the PAT to allow these tests to come in.

7) Amended the Printed Report created from the Review Customers screen to include the Contact Name, Phone, Mobile and Email address.

8) Amended the Find Appliance function on the Main Data screen so that it searches for Appliance Serial Numbers as well as Appliance descriptions and Appliance Id's.

9) Modified the select of Class on the Manual Entry screen so that pressing 1 or 2 will select Class I and Class II respectively.

10) Updated the Import Descriptions screen to allow the import of Class, Fuse Rating and Appliance Serial Number in addition to Appliance Description, Retest Period and Location.

11) Amended the download of the Metrel SigmaPat MI3310 to cater for Metrel Firmware 2.25 and above where the method by which zero retest periods are sent by the tester has been changed.

12) Added a new tick box on the Print settings screen to Hide or Show the File Name field printed on the header of all the SimplyPats V2 reports.

13) Added a new tick box on the System Settings screen to change the TAB order on the Manual Entry Screen Result, Limits and Status fields. By default the order when pressing the TAB key is to move across the rows of information. Ticking this box will set the order to progress down the columns.

14) Within a session, SimplyPats will now remember the last used Retest Period, or Visual Retest period on the Manual Entry Screen.

15) When sending an email from the Calendar Screen you can now include a default body text for the email. A text file calendar_default_email.txt must created in C:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\Local\RSR Systems\SimplyPats7\Email Text\ folder.

16) Increased the length of the Account Number field for the Bank Details BACS settings from 8 characters to 10 characters to deal with larger bank account numbers in other countries (New Zealand and Australia).

17) Added more validation on entering Fuse Ratings in the Notes fields to remove any extra A's (Amps) or Amps, AMPS and amps as only the value is needed.

18) Added Make and Model to the legacy csv export (File Menu, Save As, Save as File Type CSV) - If this causes issues for existing users of this function then the File Export CSV function can be used to customize a CSV output.

19) Added support for the latest firmware Australian / New Zealand version 1.93 of the Metrel SigmaPat MI3310 which has had an amendment to the out of range leakage results sent. As a precaution the same fix has been applied to deal with the UK version of the Metrel SigmaPat MI3310.


1) On the print results screen when printing a certificate where a test date range had been set, the retest date that appeared on the certificate was not always calculated correctly. This has now been fixed.

2) Could not Import a CSV file containing more than 32,767 records. This has now been fixed.

3) On Import and Update RCD tests with a 180 phase result in addition to a single RCD result (i.e at both phases) was not imported into an existing file. This has now been fixed.

4) On the System Information screen the total memory and free memory were being miscalculated on 64 bit operating systems. This has now been fixed and the memory displayed in Gigabytes as opposed to Kilobytes.

5) When Importing a CSV file the Load result status (pass fail skip) data was always being set to Skip . This has now been fixed.

6) It was possible to upload data from SimplyPats back to the Metrel BetaPat Plus MI3304 or Metrel OmegaPat Plus MI3305 that contained appliances with no retest period. On re-downloading the data these blank retests caused a file reading issue. This has now been fixed.

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Edited To reflect amendments May 18th 2015

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