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Advanced PAT Report Options

File comment: SimplyPats PAT Reports
adv_print_reports_01.jpg [ 146.34 KiB | Viewed 2694 times ]

Choosing which Sites and Locations to include on your PAT Report

By default your PAT Report will include information from “All Sites” and “All Locations” as indicated by the tick to the right of the “All Sites” and “All Locations” text. Un-ticking either or both of these options will give you access to the drop down menus below, allowing you to choose which Sites or Locations to print.

While this option will give you a certain amount of flexibility over which Sites and Locations are printed, it does not allow you to select multiple Sites or Locations.

Options currently available are as follows:

All Sites and All Locations
All Sites and One Location
One Site and All Locations
One Site and One Location
One Location

Hint* Using this option will allow to print or export certain Sites or Locations without another Site or Location being included on the same sheet of paper or PDF for example. This maybe handy of paperwork or PDFs are to be sent to different locations or recipients.

Printing a Retest Report based on a Date Range (From Retest Date / To Retest Date)

If you want to produce a Report listing all Appliances due for retest within a certain period, you can enter a Date range in the From Retest Date / To Retest Date fields.

Clicking in either of these fields brings up a date picker allowing you to choose a certain date. When you have finished entering a To Retest Date, the Report Preview on the right will update to show just those Appliances that have a Retest Date within the range you have specified.

By default the V2 Passes Report will be used to list the Appliances which may contain too much information for most users, so we would suggest changing the Report to one of the available and less detailed Appliance Registers or the Retests Grouped by Date Report using the “Preview report” drop down menu.

To clear the Date Range from the From/To fields, click on the Trashcan icon next to the From retest Date drop down menu.

Setting up a Print Sequence for one touch multi Report Printing and PDF Export

If you print out or export the same PAT Reports on a regular basis you may want to add them to a print sequence. This will allow you to print and export PDFs of multiple PAT Reports at the touch of a button.

Setting up a print sequence will allow you to;

Print multiple PAT Reports to multiple printers
Export multiple PAT Reports to multiple PDF documents
Export multiple PAT Reports to one single PDF document

To add a Print Sequence, open the Print Preview screen (File > Print Results) and click the “Edit Seq” button, you should now see the following screen but without all of the entries in the grid if you have not entered anything beforehand.

File comment: Printing Multiple PAT Reports using the Print Sequence Feature
adv_print_reports_02.jpg [ 51.38 KiB | Viewed 2694 times ]

Remember, any PAT Reports added to this list (Print Sequence) will only be printed or exported if you press the Print Seq button on the Print Preview screen, adding PAT Reports to this list will not affect the standard Print and Export options on the main Print Preview screen.

Let’s add a few Reports to the Print Sequence.

• If you do not have the Print Sequence screen open, press the “Edit Seq” button on the Print Preview screen.
• Click the New button on the right, this should present you with a blank row in the grid.
• Click in the empty field below the “Report” header, and then click on the down arrow to the right and use the Drop Down List to select one of the many PAT Reports available.
• If you want to send the PAT Report to one of your printers you will need to tell SimplyPats which Printer to send it to by selecting the desired printer in the printer column.
• Next enter the number of copies you require by adding a numerical value in the Copies column.
• If you want to also create a PDF of the PAT Report, tick the option in the PDF column.
• Repeat the steps above until you have the desired PAT Reports added to the sequence.
• Once you are happy with the Print Sequence, click Ok to save the changes and close the Print Sequence screen.
Printing and Exporting Options using the Print Sequence
• If you want a hard printed copy of your PAT Reports only, you will want to make sure that you have a “number of copies greater than 0” entered in the Copies column, and that the tick box in the PDF column is not ticked.
• If you want a hard printed copy of your PAT Reports but also want a digital copy in PDF format, you will want to make sure that you have a “number of copies greater than 0” entered in the Copies column as well as a tick in the box in the PDF column.
• If you want digital copy in PDF format only, you will want to make sure that you have a “0” (Zero) entered in the Copies column and a tick in the box in the PDF column.

You may have noticed a number of other options at the top of the Print Sequence screen, these are;

PDF Path

You can set the folder where SimplyPats will export/save all of your PDFs to. The default Path can be changed by clicking on the “Path” button on the right hand side of the Print Sequence Screen.

Save PDF to same folder as your data file

Ticking this box will save your PDFs to the same folder as your Data Files (the default data path for SimplyPats Data files can be set in Settings > System Settings > Program and Data)

Create a Single PDF of all Individual PDF Reports

Ticking this option will merge all of the exported PDF Reports into one single PDF, you may find this easier for emailing your PDF PAT Reports depending on the final file size.

Delete Individual PDF Reports after creating Single PDF

If you have opted to Create a single PDF (See above), ticking this option will delete any individual PDFs created prior merging them all into one file.

Automatically Email the Single PDF Report to Customer

This feature requires an email address entered into the Customer Details screen (Customers > Customer Details) and also a compatible email client such as MS Outlook.

Printing / Exporting PDF’s using the Print Sequence (Print Seq)

Once the Print Sequence has been setup it can be used as a one click solution to printing out or exporting (PDF Format) multiple reports, from the Print Preview screen (File > Print Results), click the “Print Seq” button to start the Print Sequence process.

Use Custom Report? (only visible when you have a Custom PAT Report loaded)

The use Custom Report option will only be displayed if you have a Custom PAT Report installed for the current type of PAT Report selected.

Custom PAT Reports are generally based on one of the existing standard Reports and may contain different information or an alternate layout style.

You may like the look of the existing V2 Appliance Register but think it would be nice to have the Appliance Serial Number included on the Report. If we agree to make the changes or additions we will email you a custom version of the PAT Report which needs to be installed in your SimplyPats Reports folder.

When you select the V2 Appliance Register from the Preview Report drop down menu SimplyPats will look to see if a Custom version of that PAT Report is available, if it finds one it will load it by default and display the “Use Custom Report?” option. If you do not want to use the Custom PAT Report you can simply click the “Use Custom Report?” option to toggle it on or off. If you set the option to off, SimplyPats will use the default standard Report.

Export To (File Export Options)

SimplyPats can export the currently selected PAT Report in a number of digital formats. Formats currently supported are; MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, PDF, Text and TIFF.

Please note that exporting any of the PAT Reports in MS Word, MS Excel, HTML or Text may produce unpredictable results due to the complexity and layout of some of the PAT Reports and the type or version of software trying to open them.

We would recommend that if you are going to send any of the PAT Reports electronically or want to get the best possible results when exporting to use the Export to PDF option.

View Options

The view options are located above the Print Preview area on the right and include the ability to zoom in/out, page forward/back controls and single page/multi page view.

The whole Print Preview can be toggled to display in full screen mode by clicking the Maximise/Restore icon situated next to the Close Window icon in the far top right of the window. Double left mouse clicking on the title bar also has the same effect.

If you zoom in close on a particular part of the report, you can left mouse click and hold while moving the mouse to navigate around the rest of the Report.

Please see Printing PAT Reports / Exporting PAT Reports >>> for a general overview of the Print/Export Options

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