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Manually Entering PAT Testing Data into SimplyPats

Both SimplyPats Version 6 Manual Edition and SimplyPats Version 6 for downloading PAT Testers offer the option of Manually Entering PAT Test Data.

Manually entering or recording PAT Testing data on paper or electronically can be a time consuming process, but the Manual Entry of PAT test Data within SimplyPats has some time saving features built in.

Using dedicated PAT Testing Software to manage your Test Data also has other advantages;

• The recording of duplicate data can be greatly reduced, while predictive text entry also speeds up Appliance Description entries.
• The PAT Testing Data is in electronic format and can therefore be printed or exported, especially handy if requested by an insurance company for example.
• Information and Data will generally be easier to read compared to PAT Data recorded by pen and paper.
• PAT Reports Printed or Exported will look professional.
• Unlike paper records, once the PAT Data has been entered you then have access to numerous PAT Reports.
• PAT Data can easily to Emailed or stored in a central location for easy access by multiple users if needed.
• Holding Customer Details and their PAT Data in a database means you have various tools available to you, such as a reminder when retests are due.
• If retesting, you already have most of the Appliance Information already available in the Database, simply duplicate the Data File, Load it up and overwrite the Test Results or Status for any new tests performed. Other information such as Site / Location can also easily be changed on the Manual Entry Screen or indeed the Main SimplyPats Program Screen.
• As with the main SimplyPats V6 software, the SimplyPats Manual Edition has the ability to easily and quickly generate Invoices

File comment: PAT Testing Manual Entry of Test Data
pat_manual_entry_01.jpg [ 63.41 KiB | Viewed 3569 times ]

Before Starting

Your SimplyPats software will need to be fully licenced before you can save your PAT Data File or access some of the features.

Make sure that you have entered your own Company Details via the Settings > Your Settings screen available from the File Menu.

Quick Overview

The Manual Entry screen allows you to enter as much or as little information as you want for any given appliance, if you want to record a simple Overall Pass or Fail this can easily be done by setting the Visual status to Pass or Fail. You can of course set any of the individual tests to a Pass or Fail if you want to show which tests have been carried out or which test the appliance failed on.

As well as recording the status of individual tests, you also have the option of entering the actual test result displayed on the PAT Tester (if supported). If you want to record the actual Test Limit along with the result, this can also be entered manually or by selecting Pre-Defined Test Limits from the Quick Select Test Limits option.

Below is a list of all the information that can be recorded for each appliance on the Manual Entry Screen (Correct as of Version 6.0.5);

Certain information has been pre entered, such as the Date and Time, however these can be edited, the Test Time can also be set to display 00:00 for each appliance if preferred.

General information recorded

• Appliance Id
• Date and Time of Test
• Retest Period
• User or Person carrying out the PAT Test
• Site
• Location
• Appliance Description
• Fuse Rating
• Class of appliance
• Appliance Serial Number
• PAT Tester used to carry out the PAT Test
• Fail Reason
• Notes

Test Data recorded

• Visual (Status Pass / Skip / Fail)
• Polarity (Status Pass / Skip / Fail)
• Insulation MOhms (Result / Limit / Status Pass / Skip / Fail)
• Leakage mA (Result / Limit / Status Pass / Skip / Fail)
• Touch Leakage mA (Result / Limit / Status Pass / Skip / Fail)
• Sub Leakage mA (Result / Limit / Status Pass / Skip / Fail)
• Flash mA (Result / Limit / Status Pass / Skip / Fail)
• Load KVA (Result / Status Pass / Skip / Fail)
• Clamp mA (Result / Limit / Status Pass / Skip / Fail)

Database Overview

There is more than one way of Manually Entering Appliance Information into SimplyPats, but we will only focus on the dedicated Manual Entry screen in this guide.

Let’s start by opening SimplyPats, you will notice that when SimplyPats first starts you are presented with a blank screen unless you have set the option to load the last PAT Data File on start up.

You will also notice that the words SimplyPats Untitled are displayed in the top left of the SimplyPats program window, this confirms that we are ready to start a new Data File.

Before we start let’s explain a little about the method SimplyPats uses for storing data, understanding data management is a critical and important part of the process and should not be overlooked.

Data entered into SimplyPats is not stored to the current Database automatically, so you may want to set the auto save feature (Settings > System Settings > Program and Data) to save your data at regular intervals, or just choose File > Save from time to time.

There are various ways to manage Data Files and the Data stored within, however if you are carrying out In House PAT Testing you will generally want to have just one data file. If you are carrying out PAT Testing as a contractor we would recommend that you have at least one data file for each company and maybe go a step further and create a separate folder for each company.

A simple way to define the process of starting a new Data File in SimplyPats is;

• Open SimplyPats.
• Enter at least one appliance using the Manual Entry screen (File > Manual Entry on the File Menu).
• Enter the customer details (Customers > Customer Details on the File Menu).
• Save the file (File > Save As on the File Menu).

You have now created a single Data File together with the Customer Details, if you want to create a Data File for another customer, just repeat the process.

Data Files can be opened and edited at any time using File > Open File. The Review Customers Screen and Quick Select Customer screen also give you the option to open Data Files along with showing other information that may make the selection process easier.

Creating your First manual Entry Data File

We will now explain how to create a new Manual Entry Data file by entering limited information, meaning we will be entering a simple PASS or FAIL status for the Appliance. Test Limits or Test Results will not be entered in this example, so we will not be using the Quick Select Test Limits feature in this instance.

Open SimplyPats and on the File menu choose File > Manual Entry or click on the Manual Entry Icon to open the Manual Entry Screen.

The Appliance Id can be changed if you want, but in this example we are going to leave it as is.

Enter your Initials in the User field followed by a Site, Location and Description. We have also entered a Fuse Rating and Class of Appliance in the example below.

Now move your attention over to the Test Results area on the right.

We are going to enter a simple PASS or FAIL status for our Kettle, so use the first Drop Down Menu in the Status Column to choose a letter P for PASS. This will set the Visual Test for this Appliance to a PASS, however feel free to be more specific and change the Status for any tests that you have carried out.

In case you are wondering S stands for Skipped Test.

File comment: Manual Entry of PAT Testing Data in SimplyPats
pat_manual_entry_02.jpg [ 62.17 KiB | Viewed 3569 times ]

Press the Add button in the top right to Add this entry to the Database, you should now see the following screen.

File comment: Carry over PAT Test data entries
pat_manual_entry_03.jpg [ 13.2 KiB | Viewed 3569 times ]

Select No to keep the entries.

You will now notice that the Appliance Id has automatically incrimented depending on the option set, but some of the information has been carried over ready for the next Appliance. If the Appliance Id does not incriment or is not correct, you can simply edit the current entry.

Our second Appliance is a Microwave, so we are going to click in the Appliance Description field and enter Microwave and change the Fuse Rating to 5.

We are going to set the status for a few more tests this time as we want to show that certain tests have been carried out.

As mentioned before, we have the option of adding Actual Test results and Limits if we want, but in this example we are just entering the test status of Pass, Fail or Skip.

File comment: Recording PAT Testing Data second time is easier
pat_manual_entry_04.jpg [ 62.47 KiB | Viewed 3569 times ]

When you have finished entering all the information required, clich Add and choose No on the following screen.

Lets close the Manual Entry screen down so we can look at the data on the Main Screen, click Cancel to close the Manual Entry screen.

Entering the Customer Details and saving your PAT Data File

We are now going to enter the Customer Contact details and save the file.

On the File Menu choose Customers > Customer Details or single left mouse click in the Customer Details area to the bottom right in the main SimplyPats Screen.

Enter your Customer Details (See example below).

File comment: SimplyPats Manual Entry - Entering Customer Details
pat_manual_entry_05.jpg [ 40.59 KiB | Viewed 3569 times ]

Note – If you already have an existing PAT Data File with the Customer Details in, you can use the Import option to automatically import the information into your new PAT Data File.

Also, clicking the Clip Bd button copies the Customer Details to the computers Clipboard, handy if you want to paste the address into a Word Processor for example.

Click Ok to close the Customer Details Windows and return to the Main Screen.

Before we go any further we are going to save our PAT Data File. On the File Menu choose File > Save As and enter a name for your file. Im going to name our file using the Company Name and current Year, in this case RSR Systems 2012.

Click Save to finish saving the file.

You will now notice that the file name you entered has replaced the SimplyPats Untitled text in the top left of the Main Screen.

What now?

We have just created our first PAT Data File using the Manual Entry system in SimplyPats. In the screen shot below, you can see that the two Appliances we entered are listed on the left, while the Test Results*, User and other Appliance Information together with the Customer Address are shown on the right.

Obviously we only entered the overall Status for each test in this example, so the actual Test Results or Limits have not been recorded. If they were, these would be visible in the Test Results area and carried over to certain PAT Reports when we move onto creating the Printed Reports.

File comment: Easily manage manually Entered PAT Testing Data from the Main Screen
pat_manual_entry_06.jpg [ 102.22 KiB | Viewed 3569 times ]

Almost all Appliance information can be easily edited directly on the Main Screen or by a single mouse click.

If you want to edit the actual PAT Test Results, simply double click on the Appliance in the list to open up the Manual Entry screen or select the Appliance and Right Mouse Click in the Test Results and choose Edit Manual Results.

Printing your PAT Reports (inc PDF PAT Reports)

SimplyPats has a large selection of PAT Reports to choose from, so you should find something that meets your requirements, if not please contact support to discuss our Custom PAT Report design options.

The options availble for producing PAT Reports in SimplyPats will be covered in more detail in another guide, but we thought we would just give you a very quick overview here.

Generating PAT Reports and Certification is handled via the Print Results screen (File > Print Results in the File Menu), shown below.

File comment: Printing PAT Reports after Manually Entering PAT Testing Data
pat_manual_entry_07.jpg [ 135.69 KiB | Viewed 3569 times ]

Use the Preview Report drop down menu to choose the PAT Report that you want to print or export. You will notice that the Print Preview area changes to show the current PAT Report selected or options set.

To print the current PAT Report press the Print button, to export the Report in PDF format for example, press the PDF button.

Other options include; Setup a print sequence for one touch printing and PDF export of multiple PAT Reports, select certain Sites or Locations only, select a From and To retest Date to print ony those Appliances that need retesting within the date range entered.

The images below show examples of what can be produced with little effort.

File comment: Example PAT Testing Reports produced by SimplyPats
pat_manual_entry_08.jpg [ 103.67 KiB | Viewed 3569 times ]

File comment: Example PAT Reports and Certificate
pat_manual_entry_09.jpg [ 60.51 KiB | Viewed 3569 times ]

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