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Review Customers and Managing Retests
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Author:  admin [ Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Review Customers and Managing Retests

Review Customers and Managing Retests

This guide will focus on the Review Customers feature (Customers > Review Customers from the File Menu).

Before we go into any detail, the Review Customers screen has several uses:

• Easy to view list of all your customers and PAT Data files together with an overview of Retest periods and Dates.
• Print or export a Report showing Customer Name, 1st line of Address, Retest Period, Retest Date, Number of Tests and the File name of the Data File.
• Global Find Retests option; allows you to enter a From and To date range which will list all customers that have PAT Retests due in-between the date range entered.
• Shows you the total number of Tests within each Data File or optionally the number of Tests per Retest Period.
• Optional way of opening your PAT Data files.

Overview of the Review Customers screen

File comment: PAT Testing Review Customers and Manage Retests
review_customers_01.gif [ 38.93 KiB | Viewed 14116 times ]

As mentioned the Review Customers screen can be accessed from the File Menu under Customers – Review Customers (or Ctrl + H).

The Review Customers feature displays data contained within your PAT Data files, these PAT Data files will need to be saved in the Default Data Path such as C > Program Files (x86) > SimplyPats 6 > Data or the path you have set as the Default Data Path on the Settings > System Settings > Program and Data screen.

You may find that the Review Customers screen offers a better way of loading your PAT Data Files as the Customer Name and File Name are both listed. To open a Data File, double mouse click on the file that you want to open, or select the customer/file from the list and click the Open button.

The column headers as on the Main SimplyPats Program Screen can be re-ordered to your preferred preference by clicking and dragging. The same Group and Sort options found on the Main Screen are also present on the Review Customers screen, simply Click and Drag the required column Header or Headers into the Grouping Box, more on this below.

Find Retests

Think of this as a Global Retest finder, using this feature will allow you to list all customers that have PAT Retests due within a certain date range.

Select a from and To Date using the Calendar Date Picker tool and click the Find button to the right. SimplyPats will now analyse all of your PAT Data files and only list those customers and files that have retests due within the date range entered, simply double click on a Customer or File to open it.

If the Hide Ignored option is set, Customers or Files set as ignored will not be listed.

Clicking the Print button will take you to a Print Preview screen where you can either Print out a hard copy of the information listed or select from one of the many export options to export the data in electronic format.

Show First Retest Date or All Retest Dates option

Some Data Files may contain appliances with multiple Retest Dates or Periods, if the Show First Retest Date option is selected the Review Customers screen will only show one entry (per Data File), this entry will show the First or smallest Retest Period and the earliest Retest Date to go with that.

If the Show All retest Dates option is set, an entry for every Retest Date and Period will be displayed along with the earliest corresponding Retest Date for each Retest Period (As shown in the screen shot above).

Show All Customers or Ignore some Customers

There are many reasons why you may want to ignore certain Customers or Data files;

• You may not deal with the Customer any more.
• The Data or File for that Customer maybe out of date and no longer needed.

As the number of Customers or Data Files increases, you may want to set some to be ignored, this can be done by selecting the Customer or Data File from the list and clicking the Ignore Button to the right. To hide the Ignored Customers or Data Files you will need to select the Hide Ignored Customers option in the top right of the window.

Clicking the Show All Customers option will revert back to showing All Customers including those that have been set to ignore.

Depending on how you manage your PAT Data, you may have multiple Data files for each customer, if you have clicked and ignored one entry for a particular customer, only that Data File will be ignored. In effect the Ignore function works on a per Data File basis and not a Per Customer basis.

Also, for those users that are confident in File and Folder Management under Windows, only data files within the Default SimplyPats Data Path or files within Folders created within the Default Data Path are used to gather the information displayed within the Review Customers screen (which is also true for some other features and functionality found in SimplyPats). Physically removing or copying PAT Data files into another folder not within the Default Data Path will have the same effect as using the Ignore Customers option.

Grouping and Sorting

The Group and Sort functions (introduced in Version 6.0.6) on the Review Customers screen work exactly the same as they do on the Main SimplyPats Program Screen.

Sorting any of the columns into ascending or descending order is achieved by clicking on any of the Column Headers. You can tell which sort order is active and whether it is sorted in ascending or descending order by looking for the Sort Marker, a triangle (See image below).

File comment: Managing PAT Testing Retests
review_customers_02.gif [ 8.34 KiB | Viewed 14116 times ]

Grouping can be achieved by clicking and dragging (keeping the left mouse button pressed) any of the Column Headers into the Grouping Box (See screen shot below). You can drag multiple Column Headers into the Grouping Box allowing for complex sorting options. Grouping the information in this way can be especially helpful when you want to view Retest Dates or Customers.

File comment: Managing PAT Testing Customers and Retests
review_customers_03.gif [ 29.58 KiB | Viewed 14116 times ]

For example, dragging the Customer Column Header into the Grouping Box (See screen shot above) will separate Customers into their own group. If you then clicked on the Retest Date Column Header to sort by ascending order, you will have a very clear view of Retest Dates per Customer. Using the Find Retests From / To search option will give even more control with regards to managing Retests.

If you want to clear the grouping you will need to drag each grouped header back onto the column header.

A quick note on other options

Selecting a Customer or File and pressing the Delete button will delete the Data File that you currently have selected.

The Clear button can be used to reset the Dates in the From / To fields.

The Print option at this current time (V6.0.6) will only print out the information in a standard pre designed format where Grouping options or the Column Header horizontal order are not taken into account. Sorting options however are taken into account, so you could print out a list in Ascending Retest order for example.

Below is an example of the Report that can be Printed out or exported in various electronic formats such as PDF or Excel etc.

File comment: PAT Test Customers and Retest information Report
review_customers_04.gif [ 15.88 KiB | Viewed 14116 times ]

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