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Formal Visual Inspection, PAT Risk Assessment Applications
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Author:  richard [ Fri Nov 16, 2012 4:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Formal Visual Inspection, PAT Risk Assessment Applications

Formal Visual Inspection, PAT Risk Assessment and Android Applications

Following the publication of the Löfstedt Report this time a year ago and the obvious case that the IET would update their Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment to a 4th Edition.

We guessed that the 4th edition of the COP would amongst anything else strengthen the Formal Visual Inspection and push a more risk based approach to setting the frequency of PAT Testing.

Although we had no information as to what would be in the IET COP 4th edition we decided in December 2011 to start writing an application for Android Phones and Tablets.

In edition we have been simultaneously updating the SimplyPats software to:

    Input (manual entry of extended visual information)
    Receive (if from a smartphone / tablet or via notes field of a PAT Tester)
    Report the data outlined below in new / amended printed reports
    Calculate or Store Appliance Risk Assesments
    Schedule Assessment, Formal Visual and Combined Inspection and Tests

This android application has two main goals:

1) Recording detailed Formal Visual Inspection of an appliance

2) Estimating a suggested test frequency for combined inspection and tests

There have long been proposed mathematical ways of estimating the level of risk for an appliance by the duty holder assessing several factors:

    Environment in which the equipment is used
    Users of the equipment
    Construction of the equipment
    Type of equipment

By weighting each of the factors in the list above, it is possible to add up those factors to get an overall value of risk.

As an example: (The weighting of factors would be done at time of the risk assessment)

3 Points if the item is used near water e.g. a sink OR uses water in its operation. (e.g. a Kettle)
3 Points if it has a flexible supply cord that is flexed alot OR that is subject to harsh usage.
2 Point if it has a heating element OR 240V electric motor.

If the sum of the points is 0 then the appliance is Low Risk
if the sum of the points if less than 2 it is Medium Risk
Above 2 points the appliance is High Risk

Here are some screen shots from the App which is under development:

Main Menu

main menu.jpg
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Appliance Details

appliance.jpg [ 28.56 KiB | Viewed 2731 times ]

Visual Questions

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Customer Details

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