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PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 1:08 pm 
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Version 5.2.9 May 2009


1) Added a new screen to manage importing new data file into a master file. This import screen allows you to see and update existing appliances, add new appliances and delete appliances that haven't been found. This should greatly simplify the process of maintaining an update master file, particular for those users doing in house pat testing.

2) Check for Communication Ports when the Manual or Demo Versions of SimplyPats has been removed. This should speed up the loading of those versions.

3) Have removed the check for which Ports are a Modem when SimplyPats starts up. This should speed up the loading of SimplyPats for all versions and should reduce the possibility of problems whilst interrogating new mobile phone broadband USB dongles.

4) Have increased the maximum number of Com Ports that SimplyPats can check for up to 20 from 10. We have seen laptops which have 10 bluetooth com ports listed in Device Manager and this has caused problems for SimplyPats to find freely available standard com ports. This should also help finding USB to Serial com ports where the driver software has installed the USB to Serial com port at a very high number e.g. 14

5) Modified the Appliance Register Grouped By Site printed Report to allow a new custom report to be used which lists all the Sites and their Locations. This is particularly useful if you have a large site and want to understand which locations are in which site.

6) Added support for downloading the BetaPat Plus MI3304 and OmegaPat Plus MI3305

7) When creating an Invoice in Australia and New Zealand where GST is applied, the printed Invoice now contains the Header "Tax Invoice" as opposed to just "Invoice" which appears when creating a UK Vat Invoice.

8) Amended the Sort Order of the Simplified Passes and Fails Report to ensure all non contiguous appliances are grouped together under their respective sites and locations.

9) Added a check for Insphire rental software installed on the same PC as SimplyPats. One of the system files installed by Insphire may need updating to ensure SimplyPats runs correctly. This only applies if you are running the Insphire Rental Software program.


1) Problem reading prior to Version 2 PatsLink data files caused by development work done to make SimplyPats compatible with PatsLink Pro opt files.

2) On Transmille 6080 Download an extra space was left at the end of the appliance description after downloading. This has now been removed.

3) Have re written the Trio SmartCal Pro Logger II csv data import routine to address numerous issues with correctly reading the data.

4) If Summary of File was chosen, prior to your data file being saved, an error was produced as the program couldn't work out the size of the saved file.

5) Saving selected records (File menu, save selected) where the test results had been grouped by dragging a column header into the group by box. If one of the group title rows had been selected then the save selected failed. This has now been fixed.

6) Have amended the sort order on the Simplified passes and fails report to keep all the appliances of a location grouped together.

Version 5.2.8 February 2009


1) Added a new option in System Settings so that when SimplyPats starts, your last edited data file is automatically loaded.

2) Added a drop down to the Manual Entry screen so that you can select which PAT tester was used.

3) Following a user request, have changed the TAB key order on the Manual Entry screen so that the cursor proceeds down the columns of limits and results, rather than accross the rows.

4) On the Manual Entry screen, when new sites or locations are entered they are made available on the drop down list. This list is now sorted into alphabetical order.

5) On selecting the Manual Entry Screen where you already have entered several Manual test results, the site, location, pat serial and retest period are set by default to those of the last test you entered.

6) Added predictive text to the Appliance Description on the Manual Entry screen. When start typing, a suggest list of words is displayed, clicking on one of these words will add them to the appliance description.

7) On Manual Entry screen added a drop down to allow the calculation of the next appliance id in 3 different ways: Number Of Records Plus 1, Highest Appliance Id Plus 1 and, Last Appliance Id Plus 1.

8) On Manual Entry screen when the cursor enters the results column, if the default value of "0.00" has not been changed, the whole entry is highlighted allowing you to overwrite the contents more easily.

9) On Manual Entry screen, if after having added several test results and limits you change the Visual status to a Fail and re-press the Auto button, all the test results are cleared and their status set to skip.

10) Added a drop down to the Manual Entry screen so that you can select a Fail Reason from your list of standard fail reasons.

11) On Manual Entry screen, Failed Test Results, Test Limits and Test status are shown in Red.

12) On Australian and New Zealand Version of Metrel BetaPat MI3303 changes made to deal with New Version of Firmware Version 1.18.


1) On the main screen when selecting your PAT Tester serial number from the drop down list, the list was always showing one less than the number of testers you had entered. Thought this had been fixed in 5-2-7 but hadnt and caused more problems when only 1 pat tester was listed in the Maintiain Pat Testers screen. This has now been fixed.

2) When Bulk changing the date a selection of records, the new date was applied but the time of each test was set to 00:00. This has now been fixed so that the original time of test is retained.

3) On the Manual Entry screen, after creating a new test, you are prompted to clear the test results. This was also clearing the last location and site forcing you to reselect them for the next test. The last site, location, pat serial and retest period are now remembered between each test you add.

Version 5.2.7 January 2009


1) Add a new function on the Your Settings screen allowing you to specify a Signature image which you wish to be automatically displayed on your Portable Appliance Testing Certificate. Not only does this save you having to sign each certificate but will also enable you to email the certificate as a PDF to your customer with the signature included.

2) Added button on licence screen to open the SimplyPats Licence web page automatically.

3) Add two option buttons on the Retest Calendar screen to show either the First Retest for each customer, or all the unique retest dates for the customer.

4) Added two new sort options on the main screen to sort the list of tests by appliance id in numeric order and to sort tests in alphabetic order. Both sorts are ascending only. Right click the main list of appliances to see the menu with these new options.

5) Added two new options for the Fluke 6500 tester on download to assign the notes field on the tester to either the Fail Reason field or Notes field within SimplyPats.

6) Uploading to Megger PAT4 DV3. Have added the ability to upload appliance id's, appliance descriptions and test codes back to the Megger PAT4 DV3. A maximum of 1000 appliances can be uploaded.

7) Added a new option in the Print settings to allow the Certificate to show just the month and year as opposed to a specific date, e.g. Certificate Valid Until September 2008 rather than Certificate Valid Until 05/09/2008

8) Added ability to Import Megger PAT4 .asc data files from the File Open function. These files are the raw data produced by the PAT and used by the Avo / Megger Powersuite Software.

9) Added more checks to make sure Network drives or external storage devices are available if they are used to store SimplyPats data files.

10) Amended the Pass Report, Fails Report and Passes and Fails Report to allow the displaying of Retest Date on these reports in addition to just the Test Date. A new set of freely available custom reports is available which includes the Retest Date in addition to a wider left hand margin (useful if you are binding the reports).

11) Amended the Robin SmartPat 5000 download so that the Notes field can be imported into the Appliance Description or, Notes, or Fail Reason field as in addition to using the Notes field for either the Retest Period or Charge and Repair Codes.

12) Added the ability to select a range of tests and email just those tests to a customer. This works in the same way as Save Selected and Print Selected tests, e.g. if you have selected a range of tests and click on the email button, SimplyPats will prompt you just to send those tests as a file. A temporary SimplyPats file is created and attached to the email.

13) Amended the email that is sent when you email a SimplyPats file from the program to contain more customer information.

14) Added a new simplified Appliances Report to the reports available on the print screen. This simplified report contains the Appliance id, Appliance Description, Test Date, Load, Insulation, Leakage and Earth Continuity Values and an overall Pass or Fail status.

15) Added a Print button to the Find Duplicates screen, allowing you to print a list of any duplicate appliance id's so you can give to an engineer or check whilst on site.

16) Added button on systems settings screen to open the data path folder with explorer.

17) Added a new screen to Maintain schemes of Test Limits which can then be selected from the Manual Entry screen. This will save time setting up the test limits when you manually add appliances.

18) Added an auto set button which checks the test results against the test limits on the manual entry screen and automatically sets the pass fail status.

19) Added ability to TRIO SmartCal Pro Logger II .csv files from the File Open function. These files are produced by the STC Downloader Software available with the Pro Logger II Pat Tester.

20) Added a new button on the list sites screen which allows you to save tests of just one site. Selecting the site and clicking the save button prompts you for a file name. All the tests for the selected site are saved out as a new file.

21) Improved support for the Seaward 2000i download to cater for situations where PC might not be dealing with data quickly enough causing an incomplete download.

22) Amended the Maintain Pat Testers screen so you can add PAT Testers which are not in the drop down list of default PAT Testers so that you can add your own. Particularly useful for adding manual (non downloading) Pat Test machines.

23) Added a new button on the Main toolbar to access the Manual Entry screen.


1) Please wait animation showing a white hourglass rotating was actually showing a green, waiting to connect to pat animation. This bug was introduced in V5-2-6 and is now fixed.

2) When exporting a PDF report where the customer name was being used for part of the filename (option in system settings) and the company name contained an illegal file name character e.g. " / ~ > etc an error 20477 was generated. This has now been fixed. Any illegal characters are replaced with spaces in the prompted filename on export pdf.

3) When downloading the Megger PAT4 where the PAT machine did not contain any test results, SimplyPats threw an un-handled error. A message now appears informing you that no test results were found in the data from the PAT.

4) On create Invoice, the up down buttons used to increment or decrement the invoice number were allowing a thousand separator comma to appear in the invoice number eg. 11,097 this has now been removed so invoice number appears correctly e.g. 11097

5) On Creating an Invoice, an invoice number greater than 9999 could not be added, this has now been extended to 99999

6) On installing SimplyPats on Small Business Server 2003 a system file was not being deployed which was stopping some of the SimplyPats screens (Systems Settings, Back Up Data) from running. This file is now being correctly deployed.

7) Using the find screen to find numeric appliance id's was not always reliable. This seemed to happen on the very first time SimplyPats was run, or if the data had never been sorted. Sorting the data by appliance id alphabetic provides better searching for numeric or part numeric appliance id's.

8) The Missing Appliances utility has been rewritten as its seemed to have a multitude of issues, including not saving files to the chosen target path, not saving the missed appliances file as a correct SimplyPats version 5 format file. This program is available from the Start Menu, Program Files, SimplyPats link on your computer.

9) On emailing data file, the customer details were not being included in the file being emailed. Note that the invoicee details if any are not sent in the emailed file.

10) On the main screen when selecting your PAT Tester serial number from the drop down list, the list was always showing one less than the number of testers you had entered.

11) When SimplyPats was minimised and then you right clicked on the task bar and selected close, SimplyPats would not close and also the window wouldn’t then restore. This has now been fixed.

12) On downloading the Megger PAT4 where a tick had been put in System Settings to automatically create a back up of the data, no backup was being made. This has now been fixed.

13) Fixed bug in Maintain PAT Testers where it wouldn't let you add a new PAT Serial. SimplyPats kept saying that you shouldn’t leave the serial number blank even when it wasn't blank.

Version 5.2.6 August 2008


    Add a New Report, Excel or CSV output. This report is not intended to be printed but used to create a Microsoft Excel (TM) or CSV export file. The output doesn't contain anything other than the data in a format that is readable by Microsoft excel or for interfacing with a third party database.

    Added ability to Import Fluke 6500 .flk data files from the File Open function.

    New function to Import Appliance Descriptions from previous years testing, saving you from typing in Appliance Descriptions of known appliances.

    The Find Duplicates command has been rewritten as it was cumbersome to use when you had many duplicated appliance id's. Now a screen is shown listing all the duplicated appliance id's, allowing you to select those you wish to delete.

    A new screen has been added to the Retests Calendar. When clicking on on a day in the calendar an information screen is now displayed giving contact information (Company Name, Contact Full Name, Phone Number and Email Address as well as retest period and count of tests) of all the customers that have retests due on that day. The screen also has a button allowing you to automatically email your customer.

    A new screen has been added to find all your SimplyPats Data files and to show them in a list. You can use this file to quickly list and sort all your customers and Open the customer's data.

    Added a Find Customer function to the Retests Calendar to search for customers.

    Added Navigation buttons to the Retests Calendar to advance or retreat the calendar either a week, month or year according to the view you currently have selected.


    Default database not being installed which is used to export simplypats data a Microsoft access database.

    When Deleting a customer file from the Review Customers screen, the file appeared to be removed from the list but the actual data file was never deleted. This has now been fixed.

    When printing from the Review Customers screen an error was caused, unfortunately this was a bug introduced in version 5.2.5. It has now been sorted.

    When downloading the Fluke 6500 tester, the download screen displayed the number of lines of data read. This gave a number much greater than the number of tests being downloaded which was confusing. Now the download screen displays the number of tests being downloaded.

Version 5.2.5 22/04/2008


    Added error trapping in routines used to calculate earth bond limits. Very occasionally a Metrel Alpha PAT has been seen to send an invalid character (a question mark) in the test code. This charcter cannot be evaluated as a correct earth bond limit and so caused the program to crash. As the Pass and Fail status is not calculated by the test code for Metrel Testers, the code is ignored in the event of receiving an invalid character.

    Added compatibility for Martindale MicroPat+ Pat Tester

    Added new screen to Send Retest Dates as appointments to Mircosoft Outlook. If you have Microsoft outlook 2000 or above installed you can send customer details to Outlook to managae your retest dates.

    Set to automatically include sub folders on Backup your data screen. Originally this tick box was unset and so backups wouldnt contain any data files in sub folders.

    Added an Option in the Print Settings screen to show the Filename of the current file in the footer when printing the Passes, Fails, Passes and Fails, Appliance Register, Appliance Register Grouped By Site, and Retests Reports.

    Added an Option in the System Settings Screen (Program Tab) to use suggest the data file name as the name when exporting a report as opposed to generating an export filename by adding the Customer Name to the Name Of Report and Date.

    Amended Labels Report to allow printing to Dymo or similar label printer when using a custom report.

    Retests calendar button added to the toolbar options available when no simplypats data file is loaded.

    Added support for the New version of the Metrel Beta Pat double test facility. This is where you can test an appliance followed immediately by the appliances IEC lead. SimplyPats now recognises this double test and shows it as two separate tests in the program.

    When a file loaded with only one test result, Right Mouse button clicking on the customer address did not bring up the menu to allow you to email or write word document to that customer.

    When printing an invoice immediately after loading a SimplyPats file, your company logo was not shown. This did not happen if you had been into the Your Settings screen, or printed any other reports prior to printing the Invoice. This bug has been fixed and the your company logo is shown (if you have one) even when trying to print after immediately opening a file.

    Fixed printing for Seaward 2000i Files. A bug introduced after version 5.2.2 prevented these files from printing. This has been fixed.

    On the Your Settings screen, You company name was not always being shown in the protected gray field at the top of the screen. While only cosmetic this has now been fixed.

    Very infrequently on some users installations, the Calendar and or Review Customers screen would not load. This was caused by a temporary screen sizes file not being saved correctly. Should this happen in the future the screen will automatically be maximised and the screen will load without an error.

    After opening a SimplyPats data file and the first time you spell check, the close cross on the top right of the spelling suggestions screen did not stop the spell check process.

    The example abbreviations deployed contained 2 entries for HINARI which when maintaining abbreviations prompted user with a error message. One of the HINARI entries had to be removed before you could add a new abbreviation.

Version 5.2.4 (18/02/2008)


    Added compatibility for New Zealand / Australian firmware version of the Metrel Beta PAT.

    Added Help Page for Diagnostic Download screen.

    On creating a Diagnostic download file more information has been added to the automatic email sent and the subject line has been corrected to say its a diagnostic file.

    Modifed the Manual Entry screen to allow the entry of Earth Continuity 2 test in place of Flash Data for the New Zealand / Australian firmware version of the Metrel Beta PAT.

    Added Help section on how to download Fluke 6500 Pat tester.

    Added Help section on how to download PAT Tester using Hyperterminal for fault tracing.

    Added Help section on how to download Megger PAT4 Pat Tester.

    New Free Utility created that analyses all your SimplyPats Files and displays a report of how many PAT tests have been done by each engineer over a specified period.

    Free Utility to compare two SimplyPats files and show which appliances have been moved or are missing has been updated.

    Added Help section on how to download Robin SmartPat 5000 Pat Tester.

    Added compatibility for Transmille 6080 and 6080 PLUS Pat Testers.

    Added Links in Windows Start Menu and SimplyPats Help Menu to the SimplyPats Web Forum.

    Added an alternate mapping for the text fields from the Seaward 2000i so that different two sets of uses can be assigned to each of the text fields.

    Added Tick Box in System Settings screen for Europa Plus and Supernova Plus Pat Testers which do not have the latest frimware. This allows Line 2 of the notes fields to be used for the Retest Period as the early versions of the Europa Plus and Supernova Plus Pat Testers do not separately prompt for Retest Period.


    On creating a diagnostic download file the mouse pointer was left permanently in an hour glass or wait state.

    On creating a diagnostic download file, the file was always emailed even if you had selected not to email it.

    On create diagnostic file option to close program after download has been removed as this was causing program not to exit correctly.

    On create a diagnostic download, if file name contained / or . in the company name of customer the program crashed with an invalid path error. This has now been fixed.

    When adding a manual entry test on a data file created by a Seaward Pat Tester, the program crashed due to incorrect Earth Continuity limits being read. This is now fixed.

    Hidden baud rate selection when downloading Megger PAT4 as you can only download at 9600 baud.

    On download of fluke 6500 and robin 5500 and 500 added prompt to show data downloading.

    On Fluke 6500, Megger PAT4. Kewtech KT75, Robin 5500/500 download screens had maximize and minimize buttons enabled. These have been removed.

    On the System Settings screen the option for the Megger PAT 4 to select whether it's a new or old version of the PAT Tester wasn't being saved when you exited the program.

    On the System Settings screen the option for the Megger PAT 4 to use the Serial Number field for Charge and Repair codes wasn't being saved when you exited the program.

    After changes to SimplyPats to install program on computers with Windows Vista, the System Information screen no longer displayed the description of those system files that have been installed.

    Fixed download problem with Robin SmartPat 5000 Pat Tester which cause the PAT tester not to communicate with the PC.

    Trying to add a manual test to a Kewtech data file caused the program to crash.

    Printing of Kewtech data file caused the program to crash as it tried to calculate the test voltage.

    Selecting to show Tip Of the Day as well as setting a Password to enter SimplyPasts caused the program to crash on startup - this has now been fixed.

    On Selecting Europa+ / Supernova+ on the System Settings screen, the function for Line 2 of the notes field was being changed to be used for Notes instead of Retest Period. This is now fixed and regardless of whether using a Europa/Supernova or Europa+/Supernova+, the second line of notes is used for Retest Period (should you select it).

    On Validate Data the wrong appliance was being highlighted in the main screen as having an error. Also if the first Appliance had an error then it was not being highlighted. This has now been fixed.

Version 5.2.3 (19/10/2007)


    Added compatibility with Kewtech KT74 and KT 75 testers.


    If an invoicee was added to a customer file the invoicee address was not printed on the invoice. This has now been fixed.

Version 5.2.2 (19/10/2007)


    Extended the amount of abbreviations from 500 to 2000


    When editing a site or location on the main screen and entering an apostrophe in the new site or location, if you chose to change all sites or locations to the new site or location, you would be repeatedly asked the same question. This has now been fixed.
    When adding a series of manual entry tests, then deleting one and adding a subsequent manual entry test, the deleted manual entry test reappeared. This fault has now been fixed.

    The email data function was causing an error. This has now been fixed.

Version 5.2.1 (14/09/2007)

Bugs Fixed

    On the summary of tests report, the owner of the Simplypats program was displayed rather than the customer's name. This is now changed to show the customers name.


    Modified both SimplyPats and the help documents to reflect the release of our new support telephone number.

Version 5.2 (22/06/2007)

Bugs Fixed

    Minimise button enabled on print results which if pressed caused SPS to crash

    Having the auto save function enabled sometimes caused the program to crash if you were in the middle of searching for an appliance

    Upon deleting multiple records, the main grids row jumps to record one; this has now been modified so that it stays near the original row.


    The Print Results screen has been modified to ensure better sorting of reports.

    The maximum number of tests in a single SimplyPats customer file has been extended from 9500 to 20,000

    Added a new 'Raw Data Download' Screen with zip and email functions.

    Decreased file open and save times.

Version 5.1.1 (26/03/2007)

Bugs Fixed

    The company logo was not consistently showing on the invoices, this has now been fixed.

    The Maintain extra charges screen only allowed 6 characters for the first column, this was a bug that should have allowed 50 characters and has now been fixed.

    Printing results downloaded from the fluke 6500 caused a program error, this has now been fixed.

Version 5.1.00 (26/03/2007)

Bugs Fixed

    Modified questions boxes background colour as some Windows Theme colours affected the way it was shown.

    Status bar wasn’t being resized perfectly when resizing the SimplyPats program.

    Modified the reports to show the skipped clamp results correctly.

    An error was found with the manual entry screen, if using it for the first time before setting up a pat-tester.

    The Repairs section on the main screen wasn’t being resized perfectly when vertical split was moved.

    On the back up screen window could be resized. This has now been prevented.

    Modified the reports so that the font-size is now changed on the print-settings screen.

    When manually selecting a PAT tester on the main grid, only one pat tester was listed.

    Modified the repair scheme for labour, now calculates the cost per minute more accurately.

    Older files that were produced before the clamp reading were introduced showed a null value in the clamp results field, this has now been replaced with a Skip.


    Significantly reduced the time taken to load larger SimplyPats files.

    Find facility added to Maintain Test Prices, Maintain Repair Prices and Maintain Extra charges screen.

    New Word facility added to Maintain Dictionary Screen to add your own words outside of the Spell Check routine.

    Print facility added to Extra Charges screen.

    Sort Columns and Record Counter added to Maintain Test Prices, Maintain Repair Prices, Maintain Extra charges, Maintain PAT Testers, Maintain Dictionary, Maintain Abbreviations, List Sites, List Locations and Maintain Default Fails screens.

    Increased speed of changes to locations and sites after using the Locations List or Sites List screens to update locations or sites.

    Added Search subfolders option to Backup Data screen to search and store any files in subfolders below your main data folder.

    Added a check box displayed when viewing a custom report, this allows you to switch the report layout between the custom and the standard report.

    Status bar on main screen now shows when the customer has invoice details.

    Increased the maximum allowable number of sites and locations from 250 to 1000 in a single file.

    Increased the Licence Name field form 40 to 50 chars to allow for very big company names when registering SimplyPats.

    Updated the limits shown in the Main grid and Printed Reports for the Seaward 2000i tester

    Increased the maximum length of the Appliance Description field from 30 to 40 chars.

    Print Selected - If you select a series of records on the main grid before printing, you are given the option to print just the selected records.

    Added a USB to Serial check box to the Seaward System Settings Screen for downloading with 'odd' USB to serial converters.

    Changed the amount of numbers that can be entered into the 'Fixed Price' field, from 6 to 8.

    Added compatibility with MS Vista, this is only available for new installations for V5.1.0 and above. If you require a new installation file, please contact support (0845 4300 789 (Local Number) or

    Two new testers have been added, the Fluke / Robin SmartPAT 5000 / 5500 and the Megger Pat4.

Version 5.0.29 (08/12/2006)

    Relaxed tax reg number validation.

    Some systems were crashing whilst performing the bulk replace routine. This should no longer happen.

    The List Locations and List Sites screens were unstable. This was partly caused by using our own custom message box. This has now been replaced with a standard Windows message box.

Version: 5.0.28 (01/12/2006)

    When exiting from the System and Print Settings screens, the SimplyPats.ini file is now properly updated and saves any changes.

    The Print Settings screen has been modified to include more variable validation.

    A bug was found in Import invoicee details, this has now been fixed.

    Added Active-X component checking on the Review Customers and Retest Calendar screens.

Version: 5.0.27 (02/11/2006)

    Some installations crashed when validating the data for passes and fails (Only for the Seaward Range of Testers). This was caused by our own custom message box. This has now been replaced with a standard Windows message box to stop this error in future.

Version: 5.0.26 (20/10/2006)

    Some users encountered a runtime 1001 error upon opening SimplyPats; this can be due to a problem with the installation of office on their pc - or because they are using a non-standard email program which is incompatible with SimplyPats.

    So an ini file switch has been added to disable registry checks for MS Office and MS Outlook.

    To initiate add these 2 keys to the [System Settings] key in the SimplyPats.ini

    Disable Word Check=1
    Disable Outlook Check=1
    Modified Seaward Download routine to enhance stability.

Version: 5.0.25 (16/10/2006)

    Fixed an error when deleting items from the main screen that caused the Test Number (TestNo) to loose sync i.e. preceding test numbers did not update to reflect the changes.

    When adding a new abbreviation, the validation routine caused an error if triggered, this has now been fixed.

    Fixed several small errors within the manual entry feature that caused SimplyPats to crash or not print reports if the file contained only one test. Other problems also existed when using this feature while manually imputing certain information, these should now also be fixed.

    We have modified the print results screen to initially view passes and fails instead of just passes. Passes was the default setting and would generate an error if you had 1 test in a file that was a fail.

    Attempted to stop a registry error that occasionally occurs upon start-up when SimplyPats is searching for MS Office and MS Outlook instillations. Comes up with a Runtime 1001, Invalid Property Value.

Version: 5.0.24 (13/09/2006)

    The Maintain Pat-tester screen was causing an error when changing Tester type, this should no longer happen.

    An Error would occur when Importing SPS 4 files, this has now been fixed.
    The path to the default data folder was incorrect on some instalations, this has now been fixed.

Version: 5.0.23 (25/08/2006)

    Stop a loop of message boxes on the print screen when no location was chosen has now been fixed.

    The way that the reports grouped their results led to some reports having blank pages, this has now been fixed.

    You can now import data from a metrel tester over another data file from a different metrel tester.

    Added the Seaward 2000i tester to the Maintain PAT Testers screen.

    A time field has been added to the manual entry screen.

    Added sort options (App Id,App Decription,Retest Date) to the following reports; Fails, Passes, Passes and Fails, Appliance Register, Appliance Register by Site.

Version: 5.0.22 (14/07/2006)

    Fixed a missing data error when downloading from Metrel testers.

Version: 5.0.21 (10/07/2006)

    System Settings screen has had a make-over, the options have now been set to display in the center of the System Settings Window.

    Manual Entry screen added allowing you to enter test results, where the PAT Tester you are using doesn't have a download capability e.g. the Fluke 5200.

    Finalised settings for the Seaward 2000i tester on the System Settings screen - allowing the Text fields on the tester to be used for SimplyPats Data.

    On a very small proportion of Seaward Europa Plus PAT Testers an extra character of data is sent on the first test record. This was causing problems when interpreting the data - this has now been tested for and an allowance made.

    The file created by saving selected records from the main screen would not reload as a separate file. This problem has now been fixed.

    When Deleting a range of records where the appliances had been grouped caused the program to crash.

    If a Group By item had been set, and a new file loaded, an error message complaining about Repair codes was called preventing you from choosing any other menu item. This has now been fixed.

    When The Grid is Grouped, The Record count was displaying its record total records incorrectly. This has now been fixed.

    Upon exit, user is asked if they would like to save changes, if they cancel - they are still prompted that they may overwrite this file ' fixed

    When performing a bulk replace on selected items where appliances had been grouped caused the program to crash.

    Added extra repair code validation for the 2000i.

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