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PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 12:41 pm 
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This thread is now continued in the dedicated SimplyPats Version 6 forum area, please click on the link below.


SimplyPats Version 6.0.0 Revision History - Updated Jan 19th 2010

SimplyPats Version 6 Compatible with Windows 7 is available now as a digital download, however we are waiting on our packaging suppliers before it is available in retail CD format.


1) Rewritten SimplyPats installation program to deal with new Windows 7 operating system.

2) Rewritten all the SimplyPats automatic Emailing functions so that they will work with Windows 7.

3) Added a New screen where you can assign a photograph of your appliance. You can also add notes explaining what the photograph shows.

4) Added a new report showing any photographs assigned to appliances in your SimplyPats data file.

5) Added new fields to store Class, Fuse Rating and Appliance Serial Number.

6) Added Class, Fuse Rating and Appliance Serial Number to the Manual Entry screen.

7) Added new Fields to store RCD and Microwave Test Results.

8) Added new option on Right Hand mouse button (as well as on the records menu) to bring up Enter RCD and/or Microwaves screen.

9) Added New Report to Print Microwave Test Results.

10) Added New Report to Print RCD Test Results.

11) Re done the Current Appliance and Single Appliance per page reports to include Fuse Rating, Class, Appliance Serial No, Microwave and RCD information. The layout of the report has been tidied up to make it look more professional and a line added where a signature can be added.

12) Added a new feature to allow the automatic printing or creation of PDF's for a sequence of reports. You can select which reports you want, to which printer you want the report to be printed and the number of copies of each and whether a PDF is to be printed. This sequence is stored and can then be executed with a single click.

13) Added a new comprehensive Detailed Passed and Fails report.

14) Add a new Folder Cover printed report that gives you a folder cover to present as the front page of your bound reports.

15) Added a New Summary of Repairs screen which lists all the appliances and shows which Repairs and Charge Codes have been applied to each appliance.

16) Changed the List Sites screen to allow you to select multiple sites and save them in one go, rather than having to select each in turn.

17) Auto create disaster recovery file. This feature is designed to backup your file in case your computer crashes, you electricity fails, or you have made serious changes to your data and have accidentally saved the changes. Using this feature you can recover your original data whilst only loosing a maximum of 15 minutes work.

18) Added a New Screen which allows you to Reprint an old SimplyPats Invoice from the file Saved under the Invoicing Screen.

19) Added a check when SimplyPats starts to see if there is an update available from our web site.

20) Renewed the printed Invoice so that it contains the Invoicee address as well as the testing address and also the start and end dates of testing that the invoice covers.

21) Added a new screen "Maintain Location Abbreviations" which allows you to enter abbreviations for locations in your PAT tester. e.g. MR or 101 which will then be converted automatically into "Main Office reception" or whatever full location description you want.

22) Added the ability to edit the Quantity column in the Invoice screen, allowing you to overide the automatically calculated number of tests or repairs before calculatin gthe invoice.

23) New system for licencing SimplyPats Version 6 allows you to change your company name without relicencing the software or contacting our support number.

24) Added Invoicee Address and Testing start Date and Testing End Date to the Invoice file saved under the Invoicing Screen.

25) Changed the way charge and repair codes are displayed on the main screen. Instead of the codes being displayed, the full text descriptions are now being shown.

26) Added a new button to the Customer Quick Select screen which will Import the customer details from a selected customer into the data file you already have open.

27) Added a new button on the Invoicee Details screen that copies the Address details from the Customer Details. This is useful to save time if your invoicee has the same or similar address to the customer, saving you the need to copy type the majority of the information.

28) Added the ability to use custom reports on the internal printouts within SimplyPats e.g. the Missing Appliances report.

29) After downloading a PAT tester the Class field within SimplyPats is automatically calculated for Class I and Class II appliances dependant on their being an Earth Continuity test or not.

30) Added option on Import and Update screen to allow printing of ALL appliances or to select just those Found or those Unfound or those that are new.

31) Amended the allowed length of text in the Extra Invoice text field from 80 characters to 100 characters, in the Print Settings screen.

32) Removed the check when importing a file downloaded with one make of PAT tester into a file created by a different PAT Tester. A message is displayed warning you that mixing files from two different PAT Testers may cause problems, but allows you to override this.

33) Re written the Fluke 6500 download procedure to enable more reliable download with computers using USB to Serial converters with the Prolific Chip set. This should enable higher download speeds to be successful when using USB converters supplied by PC stores.

34) Added a new Export button on the print preview screen which allows the automatic creation of an Adobe Acrobat (tm) PDF document of your printed report and creates and attaches it to an email.

35) Added an option in the System Settings screen that turns off the automatic checking of Post Codes in the Customer, Invoicee and Your Address screens. As more customers outside the UK, New Zealand and Australia use SimplyPats this feature should enable them to enter their own format of post code.

36) Amended the Import and Update function so that any 0 retest periods do not over write the retest period in your master file.

37) Amended the "Backup Your Test Data" screen so that SimplyPats remembers the target path where the compressed data (zip file) is backed up to.

38) Changed the "Backup Your Test Data" screen so that SimplyPats uses the your current data path to find the SimplyPats data files and not the default data path (c:\program Files\SimplyPats 5\Data). This will be more useful if you are saving your data to a network drive or server.

39) Added code to the Import and Update screen so that the settings you select to decide which characteristics of the test data that are updated, are remembered when you re start SimplyPats.

40) Added a new option in the System Settings screen to suppress the question between adding each Manual Entry test result asking if you want to clear your entries. With this new tick box ticked, after adding a manual test result the entries won't be cleared after the test is added and neither will you be asked the question.

41) Amended Save Selected tests to enable the Saving out of just the current test result as a new file. Previously 2 or more tests had to be selected before this option was available.

42) Added a tick box in the System Settings Screen so to swap the use of the Fax Number field in your Customer details to Mobile Phone Number. The mobile phone number or fax is now displayed on the Calendar extra information and also sent to Microsoft Outlook if you are using that feature.

43) Added a function to stop users from hiding the right hand pane of results data completely. The right hand pane will now keep a minimum width.

44) Added 9 extra test price codes from U1 to U9 in addition to the P, PV, T, TV, H, HV, E, EV, and O and OV test price codes.

45) Added another option to the System Settings screen for the Megger PAT4 to allow the storing of either; VA Rating, Room Id, Serial Number or Repair code into the Notes field of SimplyPats.

46) Amended the Invoice printing in SimplyPats to now show ABN Reg. as opposed to GST Reg. if your PC regional settings are set to Australia.

47) Added a new sort order to the printing of reports. "Appliance Id (Strict)" sort order will order the appliances numerically on the Passes and Fails reports and override the default listing or site and location sort order.

48) Added an error trap to the Your Settings screen where you add a company logo or signature image. If an Invalid image is selected e.g. a JPG saved in CMYK a message will explain rather than just getting an error code.

49) Amend the installation routine of SimplyPats. If you re insert your SimplyPats CD on a PC that already has SimplyPats installed you will be told to uninstall the current copy of SimplyPats first. This will allow you to browse the SimplyPats installation CD for the Drivers for the USB to Serial converter that we commonly supply.

50) Removed the pop up message when SimplyPats starts if you have set a fixed Com Port. A static message appears in System Settings, PAT Settings to remind you that a fixed com port is set.

51) Amended the maximum allowable retest period to 72 Months. This will be available by default on new installations of SimplyPats 5.3.0 or above, however to use 72 months on existing installations of SimplyPats you will need to edit the SimplyPats Retest Periods.ini file. Please contact us if you have problems.

52) Added an optional line of customisable text to appear on the following reports: Passes, Fails, Passes and Fails, Appliance Register, Appliance Register By Group, Current Appliance, One Appliance per Page, Retest grouped By Date and Simplified Passes and Fails. This text can be set in the Print setup screen and maybe used to display for example your ISO9002 Registration, or the PAT tester Serial Numbers used in the testing.

53) Added a new drop down on the Manual Entry screen to select the Engineer or User that carried out the test, this saves you having to bulk change the users after entering your manual test results.

54) Changed the sort order on the print out of the Maintain Abbreviations screen. There are 2 columns, the print out now prints down then across, as opposed to across then down.

55) Added a setting to prevent the saving of data from SimplyPats, this may be useful where you want to have a copy of SimplyPats running on a PC where you don’t want to let people edit and then save the data. Contact support for details on this setting.

56) Added the facility to upload tests back to the Transmille 6080 Plus Pat Tester. Please contact support for an explanation of what data can be uploaded.

57) Added Test Date and Retest Date to the import and update screen.

58) Added Print Sort order drop down on Import and Update screen.

59) Amended Bulk Change Screen and Bulk Change of a Selection of appliances screen to allow Bulk change of Class and Fuse Rating.

60) When downloading the Megger PAT4 the fuse rating from the PAT tester is now download and stored in the fuse field in SimplyPats.

61) On the import and update screen added checks to update Fuse, class and Appliance Serial Number as well as RCD and Microwave tests within the checks for Test Data that is being updated.

62) As Support for SimplyPats is now provided free of charge, the need for Support Number has been removed from the Licencing screen.

63) Amended the Replace abbreviations routine to only warn of too long replacements at the end, rather than on each replacement that makes the appliance description greater than 50 characters.

64) Rewritten Print Sequence, Backup Data, System Settings and Diagnostic Download screens to cater for Windows 7 operating System.

65) Amended PAT4 Download routine to cater for an out of range Earth Leakage result where the PAT4 Sends a > symbol to signify a earth leakage of greater than 15mA but sets the pass fail flag on the test to a pass.

66) Changed format on the Repairs area of the Main screen so that where a repair doesn’t have an amount with it, no value is shown in the amount column as opposed to a zero value.

67) Added an optional setting in the .ini file of SimplyPats which will allow the use of some punctuation (full stop, apostrophe and dash) in your abbreviations so you can have an abbreviation HH-FF for example, without SimplyPats thinking it is 2 separate abbreviations HH and FF.

68) Added 3 Tick Boxes to the Print Setup screen to allow you to display (or hide) the Customers Contact Name, Order Number and/ or Email address on the Printed reports from SimplyPats.

69) Re visited all the Printed Reports and tidied all their layouts.


1) Amended reading of PATLink .opt files to ensure .opt files created by version 1 of PATLink when downloading the New Zealand / Australian variant of the AlphaPat are read correctly.

2) Flash test results were not correctly displayed on the Pass and Fails Report, they were all set to being skipped. This bug had been introduced when changes were made to Australian and New Zealand firmware versions of some PAT Testers. Flash test results are now shown correctly on this report.

3) Fixed a bug that prevented a customised "Simplified Passes and Fails" Report from being loaded

4) On the extra information displayed when clicking on a customer in the retest calendar, the Surname and Forename of the customer were swapped, giving "Mr Smith John" rather than "Mr John Smith" this has now been fixed.

5) When using the Import and Update feature, if Importing into a file that contains only one test an error was caused. Whilst it is unlikely that you would ever be maintaining a data file with just one test in, this bug has now been fixed.

6) When replacing abbreviations, if an appliance description contained a number e.g. "36.5" and an abbreviation was replaced on that description, the full stop was being removed from the number e.g. "36 5" and replaced with a space. This would also happen if commas or other punctuation was used. This has now been fixed.

7) On the Single Appliance Per Page report, if no Retest Periods were entered in the data then the Retest Date displayed was incorrect. This has now been fixed so the Retest Date displays the same date as the test date.

8) On downloading the Fluke 6500 if you had set to store the contents of the notes field on the PAT into the Retest Period in SimplyPats and the notes had contained very large numbers (for a retest period e.g. greater than 99 months) an error 6 was generated. Any very large retest periods are now ignored.

9) When using the find duplicates function, if there were more than 20 occurrences of the same Appliance Id then SimplyPats reports an error and stopped. It was only envisaged that there would be 2 or 3 occurrences of the same Appliance Id in a file at most. We have now increased the maximum permissible occurrences of the same Appliance Id to 100 in a data file. This error is only likely to happen if you are not using unique appliance id's or giving your appliances all the same id.

10) On the import and update feature, if you imported a file that contained information in the notes field, the existing notes field was only being overwritten if it was blank. Now, if you have the tick box set to import the notes field, the existing notes are always overwritten.

11) The import and update feature was only changing 1 item of the extra data out of the Notes, User, Fail Reason, Retest Period, PAT Serial, this has now been fixed so if any or all of these extra items are changed then they are imported.

12) On the List Sites and List Locations screens, if any sites or locations were listed that were all numeric e.g. a Site Called 1234 then the site was displayed as 1,234.00 that is in full number format. This has now been fixed and all numeric sites or locations are left unformatted.

13) When saving a Site from the list sites screen, if the Site name contained punctuation the SimplyPats couldn't save the file without you editing the filename. Now any illegal filename characters are stripped out of the filename.

14) SimplyPats was incorrectly determining which Version of Microsoft Office you were using, particularly with office 2007. This has now been fixed.

15) If you had set a VAT rate and details in the Your Settings screen created an invoice and then cleared the VAT details by selecting Tax type NONE and then created the invoice again, a run time error was produced. This fault clears itself if you restart SimplyPats after selecting tax type NONE, however in Version 6 the problem has been fixed.

16) After bulk replacing site or location on a selection of tests the List Sites or List Locations screens were not showing the new Site or Location. This has now been fixed.

17) When bulk replacing Appliance Description, Site or Location on a selection of tests if the new entry was entered in lower case then SimplyPats would display the new details in lower case. This would remain until the file was saved. Now entries are converted to upper case.

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This thread is now continued in the dedicated SimplyPats Version 6 forum area, please click on the link below.



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