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BetaPat Plus settings
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Author:  K-PAT [ Tue Apr 16, 2013 3:35 pm ]
Post subject:  BetaPat Plus settings

Hello, Can someone help me with a query please?.
When using my BetaPat Plus in Autotest shortcut mode, I sometimes come across a test item that has no exposed metal so I cannot do an earth test,notably some laptop chargers.In that case I would like to do a visual check and insulation and leakage and then pass the item if all the checks are ok.However, if the earth bond is skipped, the resulting label shows FAIL, even though it is safe.Can the set up be changed to allow this?
Thanks for viewing and any helpful tips.


Author:  richard [ Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BetaPat Plus settings

Hi k-pat

You can set up your own custom test sequences with the Metrel PAT Testers. You could set up a test to just do the Visual and Insualtion tests.

the resulting label shows FAIL

Do you mean when you download the test results?

If you setup your own test sequence the data should download fine.

If you get stuck setting up a sequence give me a shout, we have all the Metrel testers and their instruction booklets here.

Regards, Richard

Author:  glenfer [ Wed Apr 17, 2013 4:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: BetaPat Plus settings

HI K-Pat,

Having read your message, here is a possible solution based on my experience using the AlphaPat, the precursor to the BetaPat.

Generally, where the appliance has no visible or earth probe point but has a 3 pin power supply and appears to be a Class I unit visaually, it may be deemed to be a "Totally Earth Encapsulated Unit" (TEEU) whereby the construction of the appliance by the manufacturer would simulate a Class II appliance. The Australian/New Zealand Standard has a complete Section on this description. In which case you cannot perform an Earth test.

The way I would test this appliance would be to perform an individual "single test" for "Leakage". Because you cannot save this result to the tester you need to record the result manually. Repeat the same testing and recording method for "Insulation". These results will be used/recorded after you download all your Client's test results into SP.

To perform the "Single Test" you need to scroll down from the "Autotest Sequence" option shown on the BetaPat screen and then select the required test as indicated above by scrolling up or down within single tests.

If both results indicate a pass or fail for either or boths tests then go back to "Autotest Sequence" and perform a visual test. Select either a pass or fail and save the result and then print out the corresponding label. Although the Appliance may physically pass the visual you may have to create a false visual so that a fail label is printed.

Sorry, I have assumed that you have a dedicated label printer attached to the BetaPat which is the general situation for the Metrel Test Machines in Australia. If not, then you create a "fail" label as per your normal situation but you will still need to enter a fail visual result via "Autotest Sequence" so that the appliance is recorded within the BetaPat memory.

After you download all your test results into Simply Pats, find the appliance you have tested noting the appliance ID you have allocated. Then go to "Manual Entry" under "File" in SP and enter the test results you have manually recorded from the single test results. Don't forget to also enter the same appliance ID and the physical/actual visual test result irrespective of what the test label shows. You will also need to enter the test limits as well. Once all details are entered then press the "Auto" button. The result will be an overall pass or fail. Save the result into your SP."Pat" file You will now have a duplicated appliance. Delete the Appliance that only has the Visual test result so that only one test result is shown/recorded for that Client. Then "save" the "Pat" file.

In relation to the laptop charger I assume that the mains' power lead to the AC-DC adaptor is supplied by means of a three core lead and the adaptor unit is not marked as a Class II unit. Sometimes a Class II appliance may have a 3-core power lead attached as an added securing method to the wall power outlet point.

If the power lead is detachable from the AC-DC unit then test the lead as a separate appliance (requirement within the AS/NZS documentation). After testing and tagged then reconnect to the AC-DC unit.

On the assumption that the appliance is not clearly marked as Class II then test as if it is a Class I TEEU. Test and record the results as detailed above attaching the tag to the DC supply lead on the "downstream" side of the AC-DC unit

Sounds cumbersome but the only easy way of testing I know of for little reward (cost of tag). As I have interpreted Richard's comments above, he is also suggesting "single tests" be carried out. Others may have a different answer to your dilema.

If still confused send me a personal message through the forum with your contact details and I will give you a call. Otherwise I hope the above helps.



Author:  K-PAT [ Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: BetaPat Plus settings

Hello Richard, thanks for your reply, Now that I've looked into the Autotest Custom menu as you suggested, I found how easy it is to set up individual tests groups and that has resolved it for me.I have to say that some manufacturers user manuals are sometimes a bit confusing, I have a metrel BetaPat Plus and a Seaward Supernova, neither manual is very clear on user instruction.



Author:  K-PAT [ Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: BetaPat Plus settings

Hi Glenn,
Thanks for taking the time to reply and offer advice.
I've taken some time out to look in depth at the instructions about Autotest Custom settings and have now been able to set up a suitable test sequence that allows me to do a visual, insulation and leakage test and record them all as pass without the earth bond being included.I think that the BetaPat Plus is similar in features to the predecessor, so your information was helpful.
Hope all is well in NSW, I'm heading out that way in November to enjoy a bit of Oz hospitality.



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